Innovation Martlesham Welcomes Interact!

Published: October 31, 2022 in

Interact is a pioneering IT Energy Efficiency Specialist whose sustainability and performance solutions have been adopted by FTSE 100 companies worldwide. It uses proven analytic software to help companies in the data centre and enterprise industries reduce energy costs and scope 2 and scope 3 carbon emissions.


Energy-Hungry Data Centres
With a growing surge in data creation, use and storage, the energy requirements of data centres and enterprises are ballooning, and with that their environmental impact. At the same time, energy prices are soaring, and businesses are increasingly being tasked by investors on their growing environmental impact.

Although there are solutions available that can reduce the energy requirements of the infrastructure of data centres, these do not tackle the energy usage of the servers that are responsible for 65% of the energy draw of a data centre on average.

Balancing Environmental Impact and Performance
Interact’s multi award-winning software is the only solution on the market that offers vendor neutral, cross generational energy efficiency performance grading of individual servers in a non-invasive way. Our machine-learning tool is capable of instantly identifying the worst performing servers within a data centre IT estate and comparing poorly performing servers with the best alternatives for cost and energy usage. The result is that data centres are able to reduce their environmental impact significantly while retaining the necessary high-performance devices.

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