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Published: December 22, 2020 in

Rainbird is an intelligent automation scale-up based in London and Norwich. Through the use of its award-winning software, the company helps organisations automate decision-making in complex scenarios that require nuance and specialist expertise.

Rainbird was founded in 2013 by computer scientist Ben Taylor (CTO) and technologist and serial entrepreneur James Duez (CEO). They sought to deliver a platform that was at the forefront of the evolution in symbolic reasoning (and its application in enterprise). Rainbird is trusted by government and top enterprises across several industries and sectors—including Barclays, BDO, EY, ISG, Lloyds TSB, Mastercard, the NHS, Vodafone, and more.

Rainbird’s intelligent automation platform gives you the tools to copy any expert’s knowledge and represent it visually (kind of like a mind map). That way, a computer can take that knowledge and use it to make decisions in the same domain as that expert—except 100 times faster and 25% more accurately than them.

This means that wherever employees are making decisions that are commercial, transactional and high-volume, you can use Rainbird to automate decision-making, productise expertise, or augment workers.

Rainbird’s platform has two main parts: the studio (a no-code visual editor for modelling the decision-making processes of experts) and the inference engine (which uses the models created in the studio to automate decision-making, at scale).

As it continues to improve, Rainbird’s platform is guided by two principles. First, a human-down structure: Rainbird starts with human knowledge and applies it to data (so that humans can always understand and explain what the machines are doing). And second, non-linear automation: Rainbird focusses on capturing and codifying knowledge that can apply to multiple scenarios (rather than on steps to be followed in a one-off, isolated situation).

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