Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS) Joins IM

Published: August 3, 2020 in



Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS) - The integration experts  enable meaningful digital ecosystems through adoption and use of API driven digital opportunities. The company is a trusted advisor to enterprises worldwide, helping them extend the power of digital access through integration. As a recognized leader in API Strategy and delivery, they bring over two decades of focused expertise in delivering business-outcome based IT solutions to accelerate enterprise digital transformation initiatives, API Management, Digital Ecosystem Enablement and Digital Marketplace strategies.

As part of digital enablement, they provide coaching and digital upskilling services to equip individuals and teams to execute with confidence, use relevant digital tools and skills to meet enterprise digital objectives. They are headquartered in New Jersey, USA with offices in UK, Ireland, France, Germany, UAE and India.

Torry Harris are middleware born and bred. This focus, in the days of large, rigid broad-spectrum generalist service providers is refreshing and necessary. This focus has also helped draw and retain the best talent from around the world, earning them the title of a “techie heaven”!

For more details about THIS please click here or get in touch with Joffey Chandy




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