WalkMe Becomes Part of the Cluster

Published: July 27, 2020 in

WalkMe is very excited to join Innovation Martlesham and be part of this vibrant ecosystem. WalkMe empowers business leaders to realize the promise of their people and their technology investments - the organization’s two most valuable assets. WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) adapts software to meet the needs of  your employees and customers.

Our patented  technology places an invisible overlay on top of all your applications allowing you  to gain insights into user behaviour and create in-application experiences that empower your users to be more productive and efficient.

Since 2016, British Telecom, one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world, has been a WalkMe customer. They use the technology solution across three main business applications helping all Salesforce users to navigate through the complex processes of placing a customer order and also finance users adopt new SAP based applications. It makes the whole flow easy and intuitive, reducing fall outs and creating data accuracy.

Founded in 2011, and catering over 2,000 companies globally across all industries, including 30% of the Fortune 500, WalkMe has offices in San Francisco, New York, Raleigh, London, Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

As of August, WalkMe will be running workshops, demos and actively participating in networking opportunities at Innovation Martlesham. Looking forward to meeting you all and brainstorming together.

For more details about WalkMe check here or directly contact Dean Ward - dean.ward@walkme.com




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