"The Path to Open and Disaggregated FTTx" by STL

Published: January 28, 2021 in ,



IM company, STL were guest speakers at Innovation Martlesham’s January Breakfast Webinar. During the session, guest speaker Tilemachos Koulouris (Europe Business Development, Network Software, STL) talked about "The Path to Open and Disaggregated FTTx"

The demand for a software-defined, converged, last-mile access infrastructure has grown significantly in the last few years. Experts' point of view is that large scale adoption of software-defined FTTx will pave the way for 5G Fronthaul transformation, large scale IoT adoption, and will establish the use cases for Edge Cloud deployments. To tackle unforeseen events like the current pandemic it's highly imperative for service providers to build a network that can scale on demand and are future-proof to a large extent.

In this IM Breakfast webinar, STL focused on how service providers can build a flexible network with open standardized interfaces and disaggregated architecture. Key topics discussed were:

  • Need for broadband access transformation
  • The shift towards open and disaggregated architecture
  • The transformation from traditional FTTx to cloud-native, software-defined FTTx
  • Possible deployment and integration architectures


If you missed the event, then we’re delighted to offer you another chance for you to hear this by clicking on this link,  and if you’d like to contact STL please contact Tushar Shah, Key Account Manager.



About STL:

We design and integrate digital networks for our customers.  With core capabilities in Optical Interconnect, Virtualised Access Solutions, Network Software and System Integration, we are the industry's leading end-to-end solutions provider for global digital networks.  We partner with global telecom companies, cloud companies, citizen networks and large enterprises to deliver software for their fixed and wireless networks for current and future needs.




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