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Published: February 17, 2021 in

"Let's talk about compliance!?"

"Do we have to?"

This short conversation plays out in thousands of offices across the UK every day.  The correct answer of course should be an emphatic "Yes!". The reality is that senior leaders and compliance officers struggle to get employees and exec boards to engage on compliance. It's complex, it's dull, it's "somebody else's problem". Until something goes seriously wrong of course. Then it rapidly becomes everyone's problem and the finger pointing begins.

The compliance challenge is escalating fast across all industry sectors and geographies. It's estimated that a new regulation is created globally every 7 seconds and the fines for non-compliance are sky rocketing. Whether it's pharmaceutical processes, financial transactions, Brexit, shipping & logistics, data storage and permissions or Covid compliance there is a tsunami of red tape coming soon to a business near you.

Step forward Maly.

Members of Innovation Martlesham for 3 Years, Maly provide software and consultancy services to support compliance officers in highly regulated and incredibly complex spaces such as pharmaceutical drug packaging and labelling where the price of errors can quickly run into £millions.

Maly have been developing a brand-new “compliance control room” solution called Okuda (working title). It’s aim is to help compliance officers and managers with compliance responsibilities to model, implement and manage complex regulatory processes that span multiple teams, departments and even external partners. Key features include:

  • Simple process and workflow creation, automation and update
  • Instant communication and alerts to ensure no step is missed and deadlines are met
  • Custom dashboards for different levels, from front line managers up to senior execs
  • Relevant metrics by geography, department, group or individual
  • Roles and responsibilities, controls and governance
  • Investigation and audit tools make for easy review internally and with regulators

Okuda is designed to give continuous compliance visibility across regulated processes, ensuring everyone is doing their part on time and reducing the risk of non-compliance and hefty fines.  The software platform is designed to integrate easily with existing internal systems and applications and the Maly team provide consultative support for design, setup, integration and in life operation as part of the solution.

The aim is to make those compliance conversations a more welcome and relaxed affair

With Okuda now at an advanced prototype stage Maly are looking for potential proof of concept opportunities and would love to speak to any companies who would like to trial their new solution on a compliance process which might be causing concern.

You can get in touch with the team by sending an email to:



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