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Published: November 24, 2021 in ,

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Mark Thomas, the founder CEO of leading East Anglian based software development company Coderus, has been awarded the Outstanding CEO of the year award at the prestigious 2021 Technology and Innovation Awards from Cambridge Wireless (CW).

Mark Thomas, the founder and CEO of Coderus, has won the Outstanding CEO of the year award presented at this week’s Cambridge Wireless International Conference (CWIC) on sustainability in the sector: ‘CWIC: Wireless in Digital and Circular Economies’ at Imperial War Museum, Duxford, held on Tuesday 9th November 2021.

This award means a lot to Mark. Being recognised as “Outstanding CEO of the year” reflects his journey from a bedroom-based solo start up to developing Coderus into what it is today and adds to the company’s awards and to three recent wins this year, two for teamwork with INEOS Team UK and the other for growth in the B2B sector. It is particularly prestigious to Mark as a technology practitioner and leader as it embodies many values, he has spent 20 years instilling into the company and now widely adopted by the Coderus team, whilst providing unique benefits and involving employees in cutting-edge projects for Bluechip companies.

The award aligns with the Coderus policy of “continued learning” for all employees: apprentices, experienced developers, leaders or postgraduate researchers, providing them with paid education and learning experiences wherever possible. Mark and Coderus take pride in winning the CW award. After a fantastic year, it is a significant achievement for them, working with enterprise, scale-up and startup companies, providing award-winning software development for new or pre-existing projects in challenging times.

His acceptance humbly reinforced the values CW unanimously had judged as key to him winning the award, and a summary of the speech is included below: Mark Thomas CEO says: “Thank you to the team for the nomination. I appreciate your support as I see this award as a team award. Being from an engineering background, I see myself as an enabler & mentor to help others, which I have done throughout my career. In addition, I love contributing across various education & community groups to help inspire the next generation. To me, being a leader is about setting the bar personally and professionally and helping all to reach it".


Written by Max Whitman, PR & Marketing Apprentice, Coderus




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