Meet Zeeshan Aslam, Chronos Technology

Published: February 27, 2024 in

Chronos Technology welcomes Zeeshan Aslam, Account Manager, to their Team and who will be working closely with the Innovation Martlesham team to showcase Chronos Technology and their expertise.

Chronos stands as a leader in the realm of timing and synchronization, but is a forward-thinking enterprise, constantly adapting to the evolving landscape. By adopting IoT and smart technologies, we've embraced the prevailing shift towards data-driven decision-making today. Our global team of installers ensures the seamless implementation of our cutting-edge solutions. Our evolving business approach allows us to integrate our extensive expertise seamlessly. With a 35-year legacy of providing reliable time solutions, we understand the imperative of leveraging our experience to foster a sustainable future, now more than ever.

Zeeshan has joined the Chronos Team, will be at Adastral Park regularly and delighted to meet anyone interested to know more about Chronos.  Do contact him to arrange an appointment :



I have experience as an account manager in both healthcare tourism and same-day logistics, both of which operate within fast-paced environments. Over the past few years, I've witnessed a notable shift towards AI and automation, igniting my interest in the realm of IoT. With Industry 4.0 driving a data-driven industrial revolution, there's a significant emphasis on more informed decision-making, further enhanced by blockchain technology, which adds transparency to data. Recognizing that data is now considered the new oil, I believe in the endless possibilities it offers. In my role, I bring expertise in various areas such as asset tracking, environmental monitoring, real-time location services, and comprehensive automated warehouse solutions, all aimed at optimizing picking & designated routes for improved safety and efficiency. Moreover, these solutions align with UN Sustainable Development Goals and can effectively reduce operating expenses. Outside of work, I take pride in being a devoted husband and father. To unwind from the demands of the day, I enjoy activities like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, and relaxing in the sauna or steam room.



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