Mitra Innovation Launches ML Solutions

Published: December 3, 2018 in

Mitra Innovation, a global tech company that specialises in digital transformation, cloud enablement, and software development, is developing and deploying a series of new-to-market machine learning (ML) products on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace for Machine Learning.

Today, three of Mitra’s pre-packaged ML products are available on AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning:

  1. Bitcoin indicator: designed to indicate future cryptocurrency rates using an algorithm that analyses historic performance and tracks the factors affecting price fluctuations.
  2. Diabetes detector: designed to predict the probability of a person having diabetes based on several parameters including age, BMI, glucose level, and blood pressure.
  3. Abusive text content detector: designed to detect abusive content and offensive language within a given text. Organisations can use this algorithm to analyse and control inappropriate comments and reviews.

These algorithms will be priced at a modest rate of £0.10 per hour in order to promote ML as a business-critical tool and to encourage early adoption. The collaboration will reinforce ML’s potential, helping to demonstrate and democratise its capabilities to the wider marketplace.

Ashok Suppiah, CEO of Mitra Innovation said: “Mitra is delighted to be leveraging Amazon Web Services to develop its ML offering. Our ML models have been developed and created to allow for specific business predictions. Customers will be able configure these ML workflows to allow for smarter decision-making. The AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning can improve the adoption and monetisation of ML and we’re excited to be playing a part in making it easier for organisations to get access to the ML models that promise to transform the business world.”





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