Muhdo Brings DNA Testing To Personal Training

Published: June 25, 2020 in

Muhdo Brings DNA Testing To Personal Training Through Strategic Partnership With My PT HUB. IM company, Muhdo Health, the big data and analytics company underpinned by epigenetic science, has just announced a new partnership with My PT Hub, bringing the benefits of DNA and epigenetic testing to the world of personal training.

Traditionally, personal training has focused on external health over internal health. Muhdo’s DNA test allow PTs to go further by identifying the health challenges and predispositions of their clients on the inside and providing recommendations on lifestyle changes that might be necessary to kickstart or reboot progress.

Muhdo has partnered with the UK’s leading web and mobile application for personal trainers, My PT Hub, which is currently used by over 80,000 qualified trainers and has more than two million users worldwide. My PT Hub allows personal trainers to develop bespoke fitness and nutrition plans for their clients and provides support and advice to help trainers grow their portfolio and manage their businesses more effectively.

Through My PT Hub’s Marketplace, personal trainers will be able to offer Muhdo’s DNA testing service to clients, allowing them access to invaluable insights into the state of their fitness and nutrition based on their DNA profile. High level DNA results will be integrated into the My PT Hub app to seamlessly provide fitness and nutrition recommendations to users at the touch of a button.

Muhdo will work with My PT Hub to extend its scientific approach to personal training with leading-edge genetic science and will be offering DNA services within the My PT Hub app.

Nathan Berkley, CEO of Muhdo, said: “DNA and epigenetics testing has the potential to help everyone from gold medal winning athletes to individuals just wanting to get fitter. Working with PTs and their clients is an important milestone for us as it adds another avenue to reach people focused on their health and fitness who could benefit from monitoring their internal health. We’re excited to be announcing this strategic partnership and to be working with a trailblazing business built for personal trainers in a rapidly-growing segment of the fitness market.”


Phil Carr, CEO at My PT Hub said:We’re passionate about providing the best support and resources to our growing network of personal trainers around the world and Muhdo will be a fantastic addition to the My PT Hub Marketplace. Consumers are increasingly fascinated with DNA and how it can be used to improve health and fitness, so we’re excited to offer our customers the opportunity to access useful insights to make small but impactful changes to their wellbeing.”

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About Muhdo

Muhdo is the first company in the world to offer a true internal wellness epigenetic profiling programme direct to companies and consumers, inspiring and supporting people to live healthier, happier, longer lives. As a next generation genetic and big data company, its vision is the mass personalisation of preventive and curative health through epigenetics and analytics, delivering a truly holistic and objective health and wellness programme.



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