Mvine Partners With TrustID

Published: June 9, 2023 in ,

Leading orchestration service provider Mvine Limited has partnered with TrustID Limited, experts in digital identity validation technology (IDVT), to deliver a new range of digital identity services suitable for everyone, no matter their documentation.

The move supports the commercial strategy of both Mvine and TrustID to scale up their respective go-to-market activities, starting with the UK business-to-business (B2B) sector.

Through this new partnership, Mvine will integrate its digital identity hub to TrustID’s identity validation technology. TrustID is a UK government certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP). The result will be a solution designed to deliver a range of inclusive digital identity validation (IDV) services for people with all types of documentation. The partnership coincides with the launch to the UK B2B market of ‘MvineID’, a new service delivering fast and affordable identity verification checks to UK businesses according to their needs and budget.

When Mvine’s business customers require Right to Work (RtW), Right to Rent (RtR) and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, they can opt to select TrustID as their identity Service Provider (IDSP). Digital identity validation checks performed using technologies by TrustID will then be passed through Mvine’s identity hub which delivers a non-repudiable and tamper-proof certificate of verification. Professionals such as Human Resources Managers, Volunteer Managers, Estate Agents, Landlords and Sports Clubs will be able to buy the type of IDV checks they require in the quantities they require without the need to first integrate their own systems to the IDSP. This service offers choice to employers and landlords when, for example, recruiting new permanent, contract or volunteer staff, or when new residential tenants are onboarded by landlords or their managing agents.

Frank Joshi, Director at Mvine Limited (pictured above), said, “Mvine partnering with TrustID brings to market a set of services previously not thought possible. I think this will level the playing field, bringing digital identity checks to everyone. It will allow them to buy from suppliers which require identity verification when opening an account. It will speed up previously manual processes. This new proposition provides Mvine’s business customers a genuinely unique method for identity document validation checks according to their needs and budget using an expert IDSP.”


Tony Machin, CEO at TrustID, said, “We’re pleased that this partnership between TrustID and Mvine will help customers to benefit from the world of digital verification. It brings the latest validation technology to a broader audience and extends our ethos of offering choice and flexibility when making identity checks.”

(Above: Tony Machin, CEO at TrustID)



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