n2s Joins Innovation Martlesham

Published: July 6, 2022 in

Who are n2s ?

n2s is the UKs most innovative and sustainable provider of IT Lifecycle services. Their mission is to create an “Infinite Economy” for technology and significantly reduce the environmental impact of Digital Transformation brought about by the fourth industrial revolution.

From maximising residual value from the resale and refurbishment of IT & Telco devices, through to innovative ‘urban mining’ solutions using biotechnology, we are driving the circular economy to support the race to net zero.

Check us out at N2S.co.uk and get in touch at hello@n2s.co.uk or +44 (0) 1284 761111

What do we do ?
Each year, n2s remarkets or recycles more than 250,000 IT devices from clients in the corporate, government and public sector spaces. With in-house field engineers and vehicles based throughout the UK they are agile and flexible supporting all aspects of IT Lifecycle and logistics, across all domains of technology (mobile, workplace, data centre, network & telco)

n2s has also developed science-based metrics and its industry leading Environmental Impact Reporting has resulted in the company experiencing increasing demand from large UK businesses, government departments and local authorities including major banks, telecom companies, retailers and the NHS.

Innovation - In 2022, following 4 years of research and development, N2S is now scaling its proven, patent pending biotechnology solution for the sustainable recovery of precious and rare earth metals from printed circuit boards (PCB’s). Proud to be the first company in the UK to obtain a licence from the environment agency, they have harnessed the power of nature and are using bacteria to “leach” metals from the PCBs. The new Biotech plant, currently being built in Cambridge will be processing a tonne of PCB’s each day from September 2022.

n2s’s disruption of the sector is based on its recognition of an urgent need for change in e-waste management. It believes the race to achieving net zero emissions demands a more sustainable and circular approach. The vision is for companies and consumers to use technology from 100% recycled metals using the greenest methods, stopping the need for export and using harmful acids and aligning to its vision to #BeInfinitelyBetter

n2s IM lead
Leading the relationships within Innovation Martlesham is n2s’s IT & Telecoms Sustainability Lead Mimi Moll (pictured below). With experience across a variety of industries, Mimi is passionate about the environment, innovation and supporting clients on their net zero journeys through managing their technology estates more sustainably.

Joining n2s 4 years ago to develop new business as the journey to next zero began, she also represents the company as a founding member of DEFRA’s e-sustainability alliance (DeSA), comprising of DEFRA’s suppliers and associated supply chain alongside companies such as BT, Microsoft, Atos & Cap Gemini. The alliance, which had a strong presence at COP26 seeks to promote, collect, develop and share best practice aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Defra’s 25 Year Environment Plan.

“We are thrilled to become a member of Innovation Martlesham and are looking forward to developing relationships within the IM ecosystem, we are fortunate that our services and solutions are relevant to all who are involved in the technology space!” Mimi Moll




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