n2s scoops nationwide innovation awards

Published: July 6, 2022 in

Business Green and Digital Leaders recognise n2s’s sustainable IT recycling solutions

n2s are delighted to announce a brace of nationwide business awards received last week.

On Wednesday 22 June n2s were awarded the coveted Business Green Innovation of the Year Award, swiftly followed by runner-up in The Digital Leaders 100 GreenTech Innovation Award the following day. On both occasions, n2s were on a final shortlist of 10 potential winners before the judges made their final decisions.

These awards recognise n2s’s pioneering Bioleaching technology and the game-changing potential it provides for reducing the environmental impact of e-waste, turning the Digital Economy’s growing IT hardware lifecycle and disposal challenges into sustainable closed loop solutions.

“Our latest awards come in the middle of a momentous year of accelerated growth and expansion for n2s as we scale to meet rising demand for our sustainable IT Lifecycle Management solutions,” said Andrew Gomarsall, n2s Executive Chairman.

“Winning a Business Green award is a huge accolade for our company and is a credit to our entire team. The judges were looking for entries that showcased a genuinely unique technology, service or business model that challenges current business thinking, promises tangible environmental benefits, and has clear potential to tackle a pressing environmental issue. We were able to clearly demonstrate how our Bioleaching technology and process is already being used while also providing evidence of a clear strategy for its future deployment.

“I was also immensely proud to represent n2s at the Digital Leaders awards ceremony to celebrate the individuals and organisations from the public, private and non-profit sectors who are demonstrating a pioneering and sustainable approach to digital transformation in the UK.”

The Digital Leaders 100 Awards were marking their tenth anniversary this year and with this the introduction of GreenTech, a brand-new innovation award category. This is for a product, service or initiative which helps to reduce CO2 emissions or pollution, minimise waste, or protect ecosystems.
Founded 20 years ago, n2s contributes significantly to the circular economy by maximising the lifecycle of business IT equipment. As a highly accredited and certified leader in the pursuit of zero-waste technology, N2S refurbishes, remarkets and recycles around 1,000 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment every year from all domains of technology - the equivalent of 250,000 IT devices - avoiding 4,589,000 kilos of CO2e and enabling rebates to customers of over £3.5M.




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