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Published: November 24, 2021 in

Top Talent Shines Through As Mitra’s Nadini Sahabandu wins the TechWomen100 Global Award for Achievement 2021

Awards such as this are a pivotal instrument for change, recognising our industry’s future leaders, and creating role models to inspire new talent into technology.” Orla Dunne, Partner - Head of Core Engineering in EMEA, Goldman Sachs

The prestigious TechWomen100 Global Awards curated annually by WeAreTechWomen, and supported by such notables as Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Accenture and Ipsos, have helped thousands of women in tech enhance their careers through their events, conferences and awards. By highlighting the achievements of future tech leaders, they raise the profile of women in the technology industry, encouraging them to act as role models, encouraging a younger generation of girls to pursue STEM careers.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has worked with Nadini, that she is the recipient of The Global Award for Achievement. The only Sri Lankan to win an award this year, Nadini stood out from a highly competitive global field of candidates, many from Fortune 500 companies.

Known as the “techie girl” at both school and university, Nadini earned her first class honours degree in Information and Communication Technology from the University of Colombo, while moving further afield achieving an MBA from the University of Wales, and undertaking an Executive Education course in Business Analytics at the University of Cambridge.

As Nadini herself says, “I have always chosen the path least travelled, wanting to try areas and disciplines that were considered more challenging.”

With a 12 year career in Information Technology, Nadini has worked across a number of disciplines from IT Procurement to Program Management, currently serving the dual role of Regional Head and Senior Manager of our Client Services Division. Combining knowledge and experience, a determination to deliver excellence and a warm, engaging persona, Nadini doesn’t just excel herself, she elicits the very best from those around her.

Nadini continues, “I have spent a lot of my personal time mentoring and sharing knowledge with Business Analysts, Product Managers and start-ups through various forums and organisations, including SLASSCOM and TechUp as well as on a personal level.”

Nadini volunteered to mentor a digital marketing start-up at the beginning of their journey. They now represent over 50 brands and have won several awards. They nominated her for the award.

But it is Mitra (one of the members of Innovation Martlesham) that Nadini credits with her breadth of knowledge and experience. “At Mitra there are a lot of opportunities, and I was given responsibility from day one and trusted to run with new initiatives. I have had roles in many different areas of the business so have had the opportunity to learn how each job is done. What I have learnt informs each role, increasing my knowledge and confidence to be able to tackle whatever comes next. I have also been given the opportunity to undertake volunteer roles and start my own knowledge sharing portal Ingenium. By strong collaboration I have taught and learnt so much, and this has really driven my career forward.”

“Our judges were humbled to read your nomination and learn about the various ways you are being a role model to other women in tech and excelling in your career!” The WeAreTechWomen Team.



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