Nevion And Sony Establish A Strategic Partnership

Published: July 8, 2019 in

Member of Innovation Martlesham, and key supplier to BT Media and Broadcast, Nevion announced on June 27 that it had agreed with Sony Imaging Products and Solutions Inc. ("Sony") to establish a strategic partnership.  To reinforce this partnership, Sony will also become a leading investor in Nevion by acquiring a minority stake in the company through a share purchase agreement. 

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Headquartered in Oslo (Norway) and with a presence throughout the world, including Reading (UK), Nevion develops, markets and delivers media network solutions that are designed to enable the transport, processing, monitoring and management of professional grade video, audio and data – in real-time, reliably and securely.

Nevion’s solutions are used by broadcasters and service providers in the production of live events, such as sports, news or other TV shows. Nevion has worked with BT for example to create the media network that connects in real-time all the BBC’s locations in the UK. The partners have also collaborated to enable the English Premier League to transport the camera and audio feeds from each stadium used in the high-profile live football coverage.

This new partnership with Sony will allow customers to benefit from more advanced, fully integrated and standards-based media production solutions that combine outstanding media network technology with world-leading equipment such as cameras and video-mixing desks. These solutions will make it easier for customers to move to from specialized broadcast technology to generic IP technology in their production. This major technical transition, which is currently underway in the broadcast industry, brings greater flexibility and efficiency to live production, at a time when traditional broadcasters are faced with an unprecedented level of competition for “eye-balls”.

“This is an exciting alliance for Nevion, its customers and its partners,” said Geir Bryn-Jensen, Nevion CEO. “It is based on very complementary solutions, products and know-how, and will allow us to offer a lot more to our customers, both existing and potential, than we have been able to until now. It will also give us a much greater scalability and reach.”

“Through this strategic partnership, we will be able to expand our end-to-end IP solution offerings that allow customers to produce live content connecting multiple locations”, said Mikio Kita, Senior General Manager, Media Solution Business Division, Professional Products & Solutions Group, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc . “Working together with Nevion, we will deliver an integrated and optimal experience for our customers.”

Nevion’s CEO, Geir Bryn-Jensen concluded: “This strategic partnership with Sony is a real vote of confidence in Nevion, its vision, its strategy, its people and its IP-based media network solutions. We look forward to working closely with Sony to maximize the benefits for our customers.”

Andy Rayner, Nevion’s Chief Technologist and head of the company’s technology centre at Innovation Martlesham (IM), Adastral Park concludes: “Nevion has been part of the IM ecosystem since 2011, and we have found it an excellent environment to work in. Following Nevion’s strategic alliance with Sony, I look forward to furthering collaborations with companies on the campus.”



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