Optect Joins Innovation Martlesham

Published: May 24, 2023 in

Optect Joins Innovation Martlesham, Bringing Advanced Fire Detection to the Tech Cluster

Optect, a global leader in flame sensing technology, has announced its membership in the high-tech cluster Innovation Martlesham, a significant move that underscores the company's commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation.

Optect is renowned for its advanced flame sensing technology, which delivers high reliability and long-range fire detection. The company's innovative sensor can detect fires in under five seconds and boasts a range of 500 to 1000 meters, depending on sensitivity settings, which significantly surpasses the 90 meters typical of existing flame sensors. This technology has been recognized for its potential to save lives, protect assets, and preserve the environment by preventing the spread of fires​.

One of the notable applications of Optect's technology is in wildfire detection and fire protection in large indoor and outdoor industrial sites. These include warehouses, road tunnels, solar farms, hangars, and car parks. The technology offers a swift response mechanism that can provide early warnings and potentially halt the progression of the most dangerous fires before they grow out of control.

"Joining Innovation Martlesham represents an important step in our company's growth," said Alex Hudson CEO of Optect. "Being part of this dynamic and professional community aligns with our mission to further advance our technology and make significant contributions to fire safety and prevention."

Innovation Martlesham has welcomed Optect's decision. A representative of the tech cluster expressed enthusiasm about the new member, saying, "Optect's groundbreaking technology in fire detection will undoubtedly add significant value to our collaborative network. We look forward to supporting Optect's goals and fostering an environment where their ideas can turn into the innovations of tomorrow."

With its unique capabilities and robust business model, Optect is set to leverage Innovation Martlesham's extensive ecosystem and resources. This strategic move will not only foster the company's growth, but also contribute to the cluster's rich tapestry of technological innovation.

To make contact with the team please click info@optect.com



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