Nicky in conversation #3 with …. Ashok Suppiah CEO Mitra Innovation and Chair of Mitra Ventures

If your ambition is to be the next big brand you’ll need to plan on how to get there !

Ashok and Nicky enjoy talking about knowing what the key focus areas are, how to compete with the current major players  and when to know if the timing is correct to enter the market.

Ashok is very happy to share his advice and would be pleased to hear from anyone wanting specific guidance.  Drop an email to Ashok , or learn more by listening to Ashok’s blogs

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Ashok Suppia is co-founder and CEO of the Mitra Innovation Group, a global technology provider specialising in digital transformation, product incubation and integration services. He has been a leading light in the tech industry for over 20 years. A serial entrepreneur, Ashok has started more than 10 technology companies in the USA and UK, and notably as a member of Virtusa Corp which sold for US$2Billion in 2021 and as Chief Architect for eDocs which sold to Oracle for US$115Million in 2004.

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