Nicky in conversation with .... Andy Cole, Global Director, Applied Data Science, Intent HQ

In this insightful episode of our podcast, Nicky chats with Andy Cole, Global Director of Applied Data Science at Intent HQ.

Andy delves into the world of Causal AI, a transformative approach in AI that seeks to model and understand cause-and-effect relationships in data. He discusses the significant impacts of Causal AI on marketing strategies and its potential to significantly enhance how marketers improve the ROI of their campaigns.

What to Expect from the podcast:

  • Discussion on Causal AI, its definition, applications, and its transformative impact on marketing strategies.
  • Traditional marketing strategies and their limitations, including A/B testing and proxy data models.
  • The advantages of Causal AI in providing deeper, actionable insights into marketing effectiveness and consumer behavior.
  • The pressing need for marketers to adopt Causal AI to improve ROI and achieve sustainable, personalized marketing practices.

To read Andy's full article about Causal AI, click here. 

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