Nicky in conversation with ... Bill Mead and Gert Grammel, Juniper Networks

Every day people rely on secure connectivity when using the internet,  for online banking, ordering goods and services or even talking to medics.

Enterprises have even more need to secure their communication as security breaches may imperil their business. What can Operators do to address the concern of their customers?

My guests  Bill Mead and Gert Grammel explain how the network can be secured helping to protect this connectivity.

In the podcast

  • Bill gives an overview of Juniper Networks
  • Gert explains
    • what Crypto Agility is
    • why it's so crucial for the protection of data
    • what the three mechanisms are, under consideration, for strengthening the protection data (Post Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Key Distribution and Symmetric Key distribution)
    • which one is the most secure
    • how Juniper are dealing with this complex situation
  • Bill speaks about Juniper's solution that's available right now to secure against Quantum Computer Attacks

To know more, please email Bill  

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