Nicky in conversation with .... Darren Lewis, BT Senior Applied Research Leader

Darren shares some background as to why he selected BT as the starting place for a career after he left university. The decision was made easier as he already had some experience working in BT on the Volvo Global yacht race during a gap year which was part of his university course. Darren explains some of the different roles that built up his technical experience in BT until an exciting opportunity in what was BT Research and Innovation attracted his attention.

Darren brings us up-to-date talking about the importance of research to BT and how it must apply that research to deliver value across the company highlighting the quote ' Research is Research until it is Applied'.

Rounding off the podcast Darren looks forward to how the Applied Research Accelerator will explore new and exciting opportunities to deliver value into BT from research as well as other channels, collaborations and partners including the well respected tech ecosystem - Innovation Martlesham.

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