Nicky in conversation with ... David Watts, Sales Director, EXFO

In the global telecoms industry, there are certain elements to a network that need to be monitored, measured and managed. By ensuring these critical elements are embedded into the network, customers of telecom providers have an assurance of a quality service. Supplying equipment to help fixed and mobile operators is a very specialist area and my guest today can give an insight into this specialist area.

In this podcast, Nicky chats with David Watts Sales Director, from EXFO - a member of Innovation Martlesham


  • gives more insight into EXFO, a market leader in intelligent test, monitoring and analytics for communications networks, and number #1 worldwide in fibre optic test
  • gives an example of  where their Intelligent test and Analytic solutions are used in the telco sector
  •  shares what's next for this very progressive company 

If you'd like to know more, please contact David (

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