Nicky in conversation with .... Eric Warner, Chairman of Fox Robotics Limited

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Fox Robotics Limited is a British robotics company that has developed robots, not to replace people, but to support them by eliminating routine tasks, such as transporting goods and material around the business.

In this podcast Nicky starts by asking Eric to explain what inspired Henry Acevedo, Founder and CEO, to set up the company in 2017 and what makes the robots, known as Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), distinctive and secure from cyber-attacks.  Nicky picks up on the diversity of use and Eric is pleased to outline the company’s next steps into the agricultural sector.

In the final part of the conversation Eric tells Nicky about the company’s expansion plans and highlights the capabilities for moving towards areas such as manufacturing plants, hospitals, hotels and perhaps aerospace and the military - and over a wider geographic spread.

If you would like further information, Eric will be delighted to hear from you,

or to request a demo please click here.


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