Nicky in conversation with ... Idan Arealy, VP of Edge Products, Intent HQ

Today in our podcast series where we delve into the world of cutting-edge technology shaping the telecom industry, we’ll explore how Edge technology is playing a role as a powerful enabler to improved brand relevance when engaging with customers via mobile channels.

Nicky is joined by Idan Arealy, VP of Edge Products at IM Company Intent HQ. Idan's expertise in edge computing makes him the perfect guest to explore its potential value in keeping customers engaged with your brand, successfully onboarding new customers, and preventing customers from churning.

In this podcast Idan

  • explains what relevance in mobile engagement means and how it can be used as a differentiator to create value for brands
  • explores the role edge computing can play to deliver greater relevance in mobile customer engagement
  • shares how brands can leverage edge computing to enhance the relevance of their interactions with customers on mobile devices
  • leaves us with his final thoughts and insights about mobile engagement

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Idan Arealy is VP of Edge Products at Intent HQ, and a revenue growth advisor to startups. He works with clients around the globe, advising them on how to deploy Edge technology to enhance the relevance of customer engagement via mobile channels. With over 12 years of experience in the tech industry working for brands such as Amazon Web Services and LivePerson, he brings a proven track record of driving revenue growth for clients, both startups and enterprises.
Idan is based in Tel-Aviv, Isreal, where he lives with his family, and in his free time, you might find him sailing on yachts in the Mediterranean Sea.


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