Nicky in conversation with .... James Duez, CEO Rainbird

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James talks about Intelligent Automation and how this is changing the workplace.

In this podcast James tells Nicky how Rainbird have a “no code” intelligent automation platform that is being used to automate complex decision-making in a wide range of sectors from financial services to healthcare.  James goes on to explain how the company have supported the NHS in the face of COVID delivering a solution in just 8 days. He describes automation as "an unstoppable train" and that incorporation of solutions like Rainbird is critical to businesses becoming digital, not just to provide efficiency but to improve customer outcomes and develop new digital products and services.

Rainbird has short an animated explainer video which explains the concept and there is an extract from a recent webinar on their Covid Risk Assessment tool which they created for the NHS which gives an interesting glimpse of Rainbird Studio, their visual modelling platform.

James runs regular webinars on intelligent automation and is always happy to speak to groups about the AI/IA space.


A fountain of business knowledge and an accomplished technology innovator, James has led strategy and operations, software engineering and business development functions in a wide variety of industries.An experienced entrepreneur and investor, he has co-founded and exited a number of highly successful and disruptive tech companies over the last 20 years. His portfolio includes work with both Global 250 and Global 500 organisations, as well as servicing state departments both domestic and international, such as the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the US Department of Defense (DoD).

As co-founder and CEO of Rainbird Technologies, James combines his deep business intelligence, strategic vision and extensive knowledge of multiple industries and markets to identify unique opportunities for growth.




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