Nicky In Conversation With .... Jamie Hazelwood, Technical Services Manager, Quatreus

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Quatreus traditionally design and develop innovative, engaging and interactive customer experiences for live events, exhibitions and showcase environments.

Nicky begins this podcast by asking Jamie to explain why he thinks Quatreus has been described by customers as being ‘simply brilliant’ - and what makes Quatreus different.

With the current restrictions on live events, Nicky asks how Quatreus is helping customers move their face to face activity online and Jamie explains what is actually meant by a hybrid event.

When Nicky asks Jamie if hybrid can really replace face to face events, Jamie shares useful tips for making online events both affordable and engaging recalling Quatreus’ recent delivery of the hugely successful TechEast100 Launch event. Click here to watch the TechEast100 event video.

Quatreus is currently busy helping customers small and large develop effective new marketing channels – and if you’d like to discuss ideas and options, please get in touch with Jamie on +44 (0) 7718 110222 or by email to


Jamie Hazelwood - Profile

I began my career as an assistant animator with Hedley Griffin Films producing for the BBC and Channel 4.  A series of projects as a freelancer then took me round the world working for some great production companies resulting in a full-time position at Quatreus around 8 years ago.

Since then, I’ve undertaken many challenges both creative and managerial.  I am now responsible for all technical delivery and look after developing new long term relationships for the business.  I became a director of Quatreus in March 2020 - another dream achieved.

The changing nature of the technology we use has always driven me – and the recent world events have equally opened up a whole host of new and exciting opportunities for us and our clients.  Ultimately helping them improve their communication is my main focus – and I genuinely love what I do.  I have learned so much in the last few years and continue to be challenged every day .. this is a truly amazing industry to be working in.

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