Nicky in conversation with …. Jon Lang, Director for EMEA Sales at IM company Accedian

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Why does Accedian see themselves as the leader in performance analytics and end user experience ? In this podcast Nicky asks  Jon to explain, and  more about how the quality of an end user's experience of using the applications, that improve their lives, will impact their judgement of the 5G service delivered by their operator,  and what the ideal 5G performance management solution might be.

One innovative use case that Accedian have been working on is the safety of vulnerable road users and they have developed a solution (MCAS) with their partners. Click here to view the MCAS use case..

You may also find the link to a recent 5G/ Edge whitepaper and to a video on why performance visibility is critical for 5G and the edge

If you’d like to learn more how Accedian could benefit your business then Jon is looking forward to hearing from you.

Jon Lang – Profile

Jon Lang joined Accedian in October 2020 to manage and grow the Accedian relationship with BT. He brings with him a wealth of experience in working within the Telecommunications sector. Accedian is a market leader in network and application assurance.

Jon is passionate about the benefits that 5G and the Edge will enable for both consumers and business, small, medium or large and recognises the challenges that they bring for Service Providers to live up to the QoE and QoS expectations of these different customers.

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