Nicky in conversation with ... Jonathan Woolf, CRO Intent HQ

Quad-play service providers, cable operators, MVNOs and over-the-top service providers; the competitive landscape is more competitive than ever for service providers.

I'm joined by Jonathan Woolf, a veteran in the telecom sector who has spent the last 10 years at Telefonica Group, Telefonica UK (O2) and VMO2 spearheading the commercial use of big data. Now at Intent HQ, Jonathan helps operators leverage the power of their big data, using AI, to deliver cut-through marketing and data monetization.

In this podcast Jonathan,

  • explains why Intent HQ describe themselves as being an AI customer analytics platform and what value Intent HQ  delivers to a customer
  • shares how data provides granular details on a customer's behaviour -  creating a picture of a customer’s 'intent’ – whilst keep data safe and private
  • gives insights into how customers have used the platform to deliver business value
  • tells us how Intent HQ see marketing practices adapting in the future as more marketing teams adopt AI to run big data analytic models

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