Nicky in conversation with …. Kimberly Moravec of Moravec Science Editing

The quality of the writing can affect a paper’s chances of acceptance !


Research and development is a fundamental part of modern society, and publication in academic journals is a critical way for researchers to share their findings and progress the state of the art. However, publishing in these journals is difficult, and the quality of the writing can affect a paper’s chances of acceptance.

In this podcast, Nicky chats to Kimberly Moravec of Moravec Science Editing, an editing company in the Innovation Martlesham Community that specializes in academic publications, particularly in computer science, robotics, and related fields.

Kimberly tells us how she takes the English in a research paper to a very high standard without changing the underlying ideas so that the science can be judged fairly on its own merits. She also shares a few thoughts about the term “data” and whether it’s a good idea to use the Oxford comma.

More information about Moravec Science Editing can be found here. Kimberly also has a website, where she shares her thoughts about tricky grammar issues, and a YouTube channel, where she occasionally posts videos about the many quirks of Microsoft Word. You can also find her on LinkedIn.

Tune in to the podcast to hear more…

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