Nicky in conversation with ... Lawrence Grech, Partner with Net Reply

Automation and the use of AI is becoming more and more prevalent in both our professional and personal lives. The possibilities for AI are seemingly endless and the ability to identify new use cases and rapidly bring them to fruition, are key to a successful and dynamic business.  My guest today is Lawrence Grech, a partner with Net Reply who will tell us more.

In this podcast Lawrence,

  • gives an overview of the Reply Group and Net Reply
  • explains how Image Process Automation with AI can be used
  • gives insights into Net Reply's capability around Image Recognition
  • articulates the virtues of the Net Reply solution

To learn more about Net Reply, please  contact Lawrence



Part of Reply’s first UK acquisition, Lawrence has been with Reply UK since its inception in August 2008. Since taking responsibility for Net UK in March 2018 he has overseen significant growth of the Networks Business Unit as well as the foundation of a growing Cyber Security Business. Lawrence recognises that our people are the company’s most important asset and strives to create an environment where everyone can succeed, and where work is rewarding, challenging and fun.



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