Nicky in conversation with ... Matthew Hopkinson, Commercial and Data Insights Lead, Acuity Robotics

A common vision of a robot is a machine resembling a human being and replicating human movements and functions. However, not all robots resemble humans, but they still manage to achieve human activities and much more. A current challenge is inspecting infrastructure such as telescopic poles, wind turbine towers, pipes and ducting. My guest on this podcast understands the challenge and his company has developed a robot to meet this challenge,

In this podcast Matthew

  • Gives an overview of Acuity Robotics¬†
  • Expands on what is meant by integration inspection and data reporting
  • Shares more about the benefits and which industry sectors they currently work with
  • Highlights the way forward for Acuity Robotics

To get in touch with Acuity Robotics please email Matthew (

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