Nicky in conversation with .... Mert Uygun, Founder of 3Cell

3Cell, established in 2009, has delivered international telecom projects for operators and vendors over the years. Mert’s international project experience has led him to find solutions to support organisations within the telecommunications industry to enhance efficiency and network optimization, utilising the latest technologies such as machine learning, data analytics, customer experience benchmarking solutions.

Nicky opens the podcast by asking Mert about his very successful career in a variety of significant mobile organisations that led him to co-founding 3C.

When Mert talks about what the company does he also mentions how important accurate measurements of cell towers are, and talks about drone technology that can help with recording accurate mast measurements.

The podcast ends with Mert detailing how 3Cell are combining drones into your proposition and which customers would most benefit from the types 3C’s solution.

Visionary Founder with Proven Expertise 

Mert Uygun is the Founder of 3Cell; he founded the company with his business partner in 2009, who was a professional strategist and a finance expert. Both worked hard to set up the company's mainframe, but then his partner decided to leave to pursue his career. After that, Mert worked alone, and on the journey, he expanded the number of services, maximising the existing benefits, and started new 3D drone solutions named "elipptic".  In his over 20 years of experience, Mert has worked on various projects in three continents and eight different countries in person. Now, he is leading 3Cell Innovative Solution and working on project-based contracts with remotely deployed >50 subcontractors/professionals.


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