Nicky in conversation with .... Neil Sowerby, Sales Manager, SUBEX

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Subex Limited is a pioneer in enabling Digital Trust for telcos with their solutions around Business Assurance, Fraud Management, Network Analytics and Partner Ecosystem Management.  Nicky starts the conversation by asking Neil to provide a wider overview of the company and why the Internet of Things is of special interest to Subex, and what the Subex view is on how to make IoT secure

Nicky picks up on the phrase ‘Honeypot Network’ and asks Neil to explain what this is and is keen to get Neil’s view on where he sees Subex going in the future.


Neil Sowerby has been involved in technically challenging industries, presenting high commercial value solutions for over 25 years. For that last 17 years he has been leveraging his experiences working for global organisations to engage enterprises in targeted verticals across EMEA. His wealth of knowledge in the customer analytics domain along with a worldwide network of contacts means he has presented in conferences across Europe, Central Asia and Africa on analytics and data management solutions for customer centric enterprises. Neil has participated in a number of global forums in these domains and is passionate about eliminating risk whilst maximising business value in the connected world.

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About Subex

Subex is a pioneer in the space of Digital Trust, providing solutions for 75% of the world’s top 50 telcos. Founded in 1992, the year when the video-telephone was launched, we have been part of the evolution of mobile technology. Today, we are consultants to global telecom carriers for operational excellence and business transformation by driving new revenue models, enhancing the customer experience and optimizing the enterprise.

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