Nicky in conversation with ... Nilly Pegg, BT Account Manager, Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

As security breaches continue with regularity, and compliance mandates get more stringent, there is a need to discover and protect sensitive data across a variety of data environments. With so many things to be aware of, it’s a challenge for companies to quantify the issues and understand potential solutions. In this podcast Nilly is able to clarify and simplify this challenge.

Nilly shares :-
• an overview of Thales and what her area of special interest is
• what is meant when we talk about protecting sensitive data
• how large and small companies can be protected when they move their data to the cloud.

If you’d like to know more, please contact Nilly  or visit the website

Nilly Pegg

BT Account Manager, Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing


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