Nicky In conversation With .... Sabya Kar, Global Engagement Lead, Infosys

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Infosys drives co-innovation and customer experience transformation at telcos. As a preferred ecosystem integrator, Infosys enables telecommunication enterprises to sense and respond to opportunities as well as challenges promptly.

In this podcast, Nicky, Head of Innovation Martlesham, discusses the dynamics of customer experience in telecommunication services with Sabyasachi Kar (Sabya), global engagement lead at Infosys.

Sabya shares how the Infosys Live Enterprise suite reimagines the customer journey and business processes for delivering a best-in-class customer experience. He describes how the Infosys platform creates an agile, responsive enterprise at scale by embedding artificial intelligence into the core. The solution empowers enterprises to delight customers by providing the ability to continuously sense, analyze, act, and learn from data-driven insights.

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