What It Means To Be ‘Intelligent Automation-Ready'

Published: August 12, 2021 in ,

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Innovation Martlesham (IM) was delighted that James Duez, CEO of  Rainbird, a leading intelligent automation company, gave our August 2021 Breakfast Webinar.


In the webinar, James discussed what qualifies a business as being ‘intelligent automation-ready'.

“Like a lot of things it’s not binary,” James said. “It’s a spectrum. You’re never not ready and you’re never fully ready. Some may be very experienced in automation and have a budget, but not have a clear roadmap or understanding of what this new category of technology can deliver. We’ve had organisations with no experience of intelligent automation come to us with a sudden urgent need and have a solution set up within two weeks.”

“You need a way of recognising where your business is and how to get on your journey,” James said.

James shared three first-hand stories of intelligent automation projects and the seven essential ingredients of all successful projects.

“Digital strategies are being replaced with algorithmic strategies, as businesses move towards more algorithmic ways of working.”

The event followed James’ May 2021 Breakfast Webinar, in which he spoke about how AI has been democratised to the point where businesses can take advantage of no-code tools.

To discover how intelligent automation can help your organisation boost efficiency, revenue or customer experience, visit Rainbird’s website or book a demo.

James Duez is a technologist, entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Rainbird, a leading intelligent automation scale-up.

James has nearly 30 years of experience building highly successful and disruptive tech companies as well as leading strategy and operations, software engineering and business development functions in several industries. Bringing an astute focus to sustainable growth, James has helped some of the world’s largest organisations—including global retail banks, Big Four accounting firms and the NHS—transform growth and operations through exponential technology adoption.

Recognised as a committed and results-driven leader, James is one of Grant Thornton’s “Faces of a Vibrant Economy” and a member of US entrepreneur, investor and executive group “Abundance 360”. He has also been entrusted to advise state departments, including the UK Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Defense.


About Rainbird

Rainbird is an intelligent automation platform that lets you automate complex decision-making, at scale. Rainbird’s automated decisions are typically 100x faster and 25% more accurate, while being fully explainable.

The Rainbird platform has two main parts: the studio (a no-code visual editor for modelling the decision-making processes of experts) and the inference engine (which uses the models created in the studio to automate decision making, at scale).




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