Reality Zero One (R01) Joines Innovation Martlesham

Published: December 18, 2018 in

Reality zero 1 medium

Reality Zero One (R01) was formed in 2017 and gained its first pre-seed funding later that year. We are a core team of three people with a London based studio for development and offering 3D scan services, and an extended remote network of supporting hardware and software engineers. We are currently focussing on product development (pre-revenue) with product release expected later this year and are looking to proceed towards further fundraising around Q3-4 2019.

Our product (once complete) is a solution to simplify and automate the capture of real-world objects and conversion to digital 3D assets and experiences. Target user sectors include digital production creatives (TV & film), games developers, arts & heritage, education, ‘makers’ (physical & digital), digital product promotion and marketing.  Some examples of our results here:


Other enterprise level 3D capture solutions tend to be high cost and/or require advanced skills to use. We produce ’studio quality’ results at low cost and with high levels of user automation. These benefits streamline user workflow, reducing cost and expanding access to new user sectors without large budgets and high levels of expertise.

Chris Dryden, R01 says “Part of the attraction for joining the Innovation Martlesham ecosystem is the ability to connect with other technology companies.   We’re looking forward to exploring opportunities, particularly in relation to 5G".



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