‘Cracking the B2B Sales Code’ With Jim Marshall

Published: December 18, 2020 in

Innovation Martlesham's Breakfast Webinar Events have been virtual throughout 2020, but that certainly did not put off company leaders and sales team leaders who wanted to hear Jim Marshall present his research on how to crack the B2B sales code.

For those with a solid track record in B2B Sales then it provided a super helpful framework of what proven good practice looks like.


‘Fantastic presentation and great delivery Jim. Thanks a million, loads of notes taken’

‘I really enjoyed your session today – I was screaming at the PC – yes…yes…yes!!!’

‘…… particularly the section about persuasion, much of our sales process at the moment is focused on identifying target customer insights in an effort to persuade them to buy from us. Gaining insight is proving challenging, which is why I was interested by the referral sales process you discussed'.

‘Thank you very much - really informative, particularly insightful on the importance of depth in identifying customer contacts and building influence strategy into the sales process’.

Where Sales is outside of an individual’s core role then it provided an overarching tool kit on what Sales function design should look like

Wow, I wasn’t expecting my brain to be buzzing quite so much this morning!  Thank you for the great IM presentation - it provided real ‘food for thought’. I'll also be recommending my colleague watches the recording, as she'll be really interested in your insights and advice.

Super presentation – I love the way you create and provoke great thinking! Thanks for sharing

For those of you who know Jim, or have heard him speak before, will know he is passionate about building high performing teams.  His role at Rokker allows him to work with companies to develop great People Strategy as well as working with specific functions to create engaged, well rewarded and purposeful teams that work at pace.  A significant proportion of his team's work is in the Sales and Marketing arena, but they have also proven highly effective with both technology and operational teams.

Please do contact jim.marshall@rokker.co.uk if you have a challenge in this space that you would like to discuss or if you would like support designing the People Strategy and Framework for your growing organisation.

Achieve your goals surrounded by a great team rather than fretting about plugging resourcing needs.

Evidence of Jim’s work can be found at Marshall Wolfe  (a fellow Rokker Network company) which he founded in 2017. Led by Amber Hunt, Dean Robinson and Vaughan Clarke it has already built a reputation in the Hiring and Recruitment space that other Digital and Technology recruiters would sor



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