A Finalist Of One Of The Suffolk Business Awards!

Published: September 13, 2022 in

RentMy, an Innovation Martlesham member, have been announced as a finalist of the Innovation Award, part of the Suffolk Business Awards!


RentMy has taken this social advancement towards collaborative consumption one step further to create something entirely innovative.

It is the first platform of its kind to allow people to make money from absolutely anything they own in a regulated and secure environment.

From power tools to paddleboards, cooking equipment to cameras, hot tubs to hairdryers, bicycles to ballgowns, skateboards to surfboards and boats to BBQs, you can list anything – and do it safely.

RentMy developed a triple lock security system which includes ID verification, deposits and a bespoke guarantee giving both owners and renters the confidence in the people they interact with. This unique element has seen the company attract not just individuals to its site, but businesses too,
allowing employers to improve resource efficiency, share assets and reduce carbon emissions.

This year, RentMy have been been focusing on version 2 of their website which incorporates better protection, scope for a unique insurance model, AI tracking items and handovers and when released in the next couple of weeks, will be shortly followed by their app.

Congratulations RentMy!

Learn more about RentMy in the podcast between Tom West, CEO, RentMy and Head of Innovation Martlesham  

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