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Published: February 23, 2023 in

Innovation Martlesham was delighted that Net Reply and BT delivered our February Webinar entitled "A Migration Roadmap to OpenRAN"


The guest speakers were Francisco de Carvalho, Head of Disaggregated Network Solutions Strategy, Net Reply, Stefan Draskoci, Open RAN & RIC Specialist, Net Reply and Richard Mackenzie, Distinguished Engineer, RAN Intelligence and Automation, BT Group Plc

Many Service Providers have invested heavily in vertical RAN solutions and network coverage for 5G proceeds at pace. Whilst OpenRAN promises to deliver vendor agnostic, disaggregated, solutions with open interfaces that promote a wider eco-system of suppliers to deliver reductions in TCO and acceleration in deployment, the technology is far from widely available and proven.  What are the options and how can Service Providers leverage the “best of both”, i.e. a widely deployed Radio Network with the flexibility and power of OpenRAN optimisation techniques?

Points addressed during the Session were :

• Overview of Reply - Fran
• OpenRAN Business Drivers, Business Case, Complexities of Systems Integrations, Standards - Richard
• Reducing Complexity with Automation and enabling portable RIC applications, real life examples - Stefan

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PERSONAL PROFILE:  Dr. Francisco Araujo de Carvalho, EngD MSc BSc (Hons) CEng MIET
Head of Disaggregated Network Solutions Strategy, Net Reply


Fran is responsible for go to market solutions and partnership strategy across Net Reply, focusing on end-end systems integration and innovations that fulfil market needs. An active member of the Broadband Forum and the Open Networking Foundation, he has leadership roles in both organizations, promoting the synergies between standards and opensource bodies and serving as a member of the Board of Directors.


PERSONAL PROFILE: Richard Mackenzie

Richard is a Distinguished Engineer in Wireless Networks at BT’s Applied Research. His current focus is on developing, trialling and commercialising OpenRAN. He is co-chair of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) “RAN Intelligence & Automation” OpenRAN sub-project and is also active across the O-RAN Alliance, Small Cell Forum (SCF) and Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN).



Stefan is a Senior Consultant and Engineer, and the O-RAN Lead for Reply in the UK, focused on realising innovative ways in which O-RAN technologies will transform the telco industry. This includes the architecting and development of network optimisation applications (xApps and rApps) based on Cloud Native principles, as well as their integration into the leading containerised RIC platforms and their associated interfaces.



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