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Published: December 14, 2023 in


Innovation Martlesham was delighted that Patrick Leask, Principal Solution Architect, EXFO presented this webinar entitled ‘Demystifying telco service assurance for cloud-based and hybrid services through Knowledge Graphs'

Digital Twins are a key part of many automated operations solutions that capture the complex relationships between services, network and infrastructure, and permit deep analysis and understanding for planning, optimisation and operational use cases.

In the Telco world, simple IP-only or Enterprise-based topology and config tools are inadequate to capture the non-IT world domains, e.g. RAN, microwave backhaul, SDH legacy, etc.  Telco Digital Twins must be able to model all relevant legacy domains and technologies.

In this webinar, Patrick showed how Knowledge Graph technology is used to create a Digital Twin of telco cloud-based services in order to support multiple service assurance use cases.

If you'd like to ask any questions please contact Patrick



Patrick has over 30 years experience in software engineering and architecture, mostly focused on telecoms service assurance, and is the author of several patents in service monitoring.

His current role with EXFO involves working with global communications service providers to understand their challenges and how to solve them.



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