REPLAY: IM Webinar with Net Reply

Published: September 6, 2023 in ,


Innovation Martlesham was delighted to welcome guest speaker Rupen Mitra, 5G-NTN initiatives Lead, of IM company Net Reply , whose presentation was entitled ‘Blurring the Digital Divide with 5G-NTN: Integrating Satellites and Terrestrial Mobile Networks'

In this session Rupen delved into the integration process of 5G terrestrial networks (TN) with satellite-based non-terrestrial networks (NTN) to address the global coverage challenge. We witnessed the synergistic collaboration between the space and telecom industries that revs the realisation of NTN-TN integration, and discovered the transformative potential of 5G-NTN in tackling critical use cases while navigating the associated challenges.

Watch the replay here


Rupen leads the 5G-NTN initiatives at Net Reply UK, providing expert technical consultancy in the design of use-case-specific NTN architecture. He specialises in developing AI/ML-driven telco cloud solutions to optimise network performance and manages R&D projects. Rupen's research in the realms of 5G and mobile computing has garnered recognition, with his works being published in top conferences and highly regarded networking journals, such as Wiley 5G Ref: The Essential 5G Reference Online, while receiving extensive citations from the research community.





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