REPLAY: IM Webinar with TCS

Published: August 1, 2023 in


Innovation Martlesham was delighted to welcome guest speaker Ved Sen, Head of Business Innovation & London PACE, TCS UK give a presentation entitled ‘The Decade of Healthcare: How metaverse and other emerging technologies are transforming healthcare'

In this session we explored the hypothesis that by 2030, healthcare will be unrecognizable from what it was at the start of the decade. Technology and data will be a key driver of this change, and the number of ways in which technologies such as metaverse, AI and others are fundamentally re-inventing healthcare as we know it was discussed.


Ved works as the Head of Business Innovation for Tata Consultancy Services UK. His primary focus is to help drive future thinking conversations with clients in solving tomorrow's problems. He has been working with and advising senior clients across retail, insurance, education, healthcare, utilities, public sector, and other businesses. Ved runs an innovation team in London and is leading the design and set up of Pace Port London. Currently his work spans areas such as reinventing social care for the elderly, connected homes and environments, and urban mobility, ecosystem business models, with design & technologies including the Internet of Things, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, AI . Over the past 20+ years, Ved has been working on emerging technologies, and their adoption into organisations. An avid writer and regular speaker, Ved’s book “Doing Digital” was released in January 2023, and he writes a regular innovation newsletter (



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