REPLAY: IM Webinar with Wipro UK Ltd

Published: April 25, 2023 in

Innovation Martlesham was delighted that WIPRO delivered the April IM Webinar entitled‘Digital Transformation with IoT : Smart Buildings' with guest speaker, Padmanabh Chakrapani, Specialist – Wipro Full Stride Cloud, Wipro UK Ltd.


Wipro’s Smart i-Connect™ is an award winning solution helping organisations achieve sustainability goals and progress towards net zero. Recognition: Smart Urban Innovation Award, 2021 AMRT Health & Citizen Collaboration.

Wipro has deployed a range of industry wide use cases leveraging Smart i-Connect.  In this session their focus was on their Smart i-Building solution.

Smart i-Building provides a complete view of the building status on various parameters like energy usage, occupancy level, waste generated, space usage and environmental conditions. Actionable insights are presented to organisations and help bring efficiencies in consumption costs.

If you'd like to discuss this area with Wipro UK Ltd, please contact Tariq Rana

PERSONAL PROFILE: Padmanabh Chakrapani

Pad is a senior partner at Wipro working collaboratively with enterprises and partner ecosystem to provide innovative solutions.  He actively engages with organisations to discuss their problems and finds innovative solutions and enables them to achieve their ambitions.



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