REPLAY: Webinar with GCH Test & Computer Services Ltd

Published: February 15, 2024 in


Innovation Martlesham was delighted that Neil Collier, Technical Director,  GCH Test & Computer Services Ltd delivered a webinar entitled ‘5G Open RAN Test & Visibility'

RAN is moving to a packet switched architecture to increase bandwidth efficiency and add flexibility. This introduces new issues such as delay variation and packet loss which causes problems with timing protocols and latency sensitive applications.

This means the RAN hardware & applications must be thoroughly tested and validated.

GCH explained why performing packet captures with the highest precision time-stamps between different RAN elements is absolutely critical for timely trouble shooting and debugging of issues


Neil Collier co-founded GCH in 1993. He has been working in the industry supplying and supporting latest technology development and test tools since the mid 80’s mainly in the roles of technical advisor, trainer and consultant.

Neil is based in Berkshire and in his free time likes to keep fit and take part in outdoor challenges and fund raisers



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