Robotics Funder, Britbots, Launches Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Published: October 2, 2017 in

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IM Company Britbots, the mentoring organisation devoted to supporting British-based robotics start-ups, has just launched Britbots CROWD, the world's first dedicated equity crowd-funding platform for high potential companies in field of robotics and associated technologies.

Many of the companies listed will have already been back by the British Robotics Seed Fund which raised in excess of £500,000 in its first fund, and will announce the opening of its second fund later this autumn.

As automation and robotisation drive significant productivity improvements across the global economy, the Britbots CROWD platform gives private investors the opportunity to build up a personal share-portfolio comprising of some of the most exciting companies at the leading-edge of this important contemporary investment theme.

Each of the companies listed on the platform will accept a minimum investment amount of £200, putting their shares well within the reach of mainstream investors. Additionally, most of the companies offer investors attractive tax incentives under SEIS or EIS; and they benefit from active mentoring and business development support from Britbots, raising the likelihood of delivering attractive downstream returns to investors.

Over the forthcoming weeks a selection of exciting companies will open for investment on the platform, including:

ZOA ROBOTICS: a company that has developed of a low-cost robotics platform, allowing for the transportation of materials around uneven environments, using four-legged robots.

BOTSKILL: a business enables brands to take their first steps in using “bots” (computer programmes which mimic human conversation using artificial intelligence)  to handle routine customer enquiries.

TETHERED DRONE TECHNOLOGIES: a provider of autonomous tethered drone systems, flying near-continuously for use in semi-permanent surveillance and communications scenarios.

REDBEARD: a software company that makes it easy to design and build user interface apps for smartphones to remotely control robots and other systems at distance.

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES – an organisation which provides tools and inspiration to help teachers teach computer programming in a practical and fun way, preparing students for a working-world where automation & robotics is widespread.

Dominic Keen, founder of Britbots, commented, “Whilst talking to investors about the British Robotics Seed Fund we realised that there was a broad appetite amongst investors to include some high-potential robotics businesses in their portfolio on a discretionary basis without necessarily going down the fund route.  Hence we are delighted to have launched Britbots CROWD, the world’s only dedicated equity crowd-funding platform for robotics companies, giving investors direct access to this exciting class of investments for the first time.”

Thiago Azevedo, CEO of ZOA Robotics said, “I’m pleased to be working with Britbots CROWD to source new investors for our current funding round.  It can be difficult to identify investors who are specifically interested in robotics companies when using other equity crowdfunding platforms and so I’m confident that Britbots CROWD will do a good job in filling this niche.”

The technology used by Britbots CROWD has been developed by Envestry, who also provide FCA-regulatory oversights for the company listings.


Further information is available here.

About Britbots

High Growth Robotics Limited trading as Britbots is a business mentoring company that seeks to champion the achievements of robotics start-up across the UK.   As well as administering the British Robotics Seed Fund, its activities include: consulting on growth strategies; professional training; and a think-tank on the use of robotics in public policy.




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