Extend Robotics' Test Remote Electrical Panel Manipulation Over BT 5G-VINNI

Published: November 19, 2020 in

Together with BT 5G-VINNI, another successful integration and demonstration on remote operation of electrical panel was finished in October 2020, at BT’s research and development headquarters at Adastral Park in Suffolk.

Extend Robotics, a member of Innovation Martlesham (the ICT/Digital ecosystem of c.150 companies located alongside BT at Adastral Park)  demonstrated the remote control of their new robotic arm over the 5G-VINNI network, to control switches and dials on an electrical panel.

5G-VINNI is an EU collaborative project to build a set of interconnected 5G testbeds around Europe. The UK testbed is located at BT’s R&D headquarters at Adastral Park in Suffolk and is managed by Applied Research in BT. The testbed is a full end-to-end 5G system with virtualised RAN and Core, providing connectivity with two radio systems at 3.6GHz and 26GHz. The Adastral Park team has recently announced the opening of a new 5G-VINNI lab and has produced a promotional video for the UK site.

Extend robotics’ robotic arm was connected via Ethernet to the 5G-VINNI 26GHz radio network, which then routed through to the 5G core. The 5G core was connected to the laptop PC which was running the robotic arm controller software and to which the VR headset and VR controllers were connected. In order to have intricate control of the robotic arm, the arm, the controllers, and the VR images need to be in tight synchronisation. The 5G-VINNI network provided a low latency path (typically less than 10ms) through the network which ensured that the robotic arm moved in the same moment that the controller initiated the move. Click here to watch a demonstration



“Thanks to the great support from BT, the integration to the 5G-VINNI testbed is a milestone to Extend Robotics being able to demonstrate the versatility of the system to adapt to BT's commercial networks, and a practical solution to an industrial application. We believe our demonstration shows the latency and bandwidth benefits of 5G, which enables state-of-the-art applications. We are excited about the initial joint effort with BT and looking forward to further collaboration opportunities” says Chang Liu, CEO of Extend Robotics.

Hear Chang explain more about Extend Robotics, their history and future aspirations in a recent podcast with the Head of Innovation Martlesham.








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