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Published: August 11, 2021 in

We are a design-led Business and Management Consultancy. We make current propositions and services better for your customers while also creating new propositions and services for a more sustainable and exciting future.

Over the last year, Rokker has recently expanded our services to include not just consulting, but Rokker Research Labs, headed by Dr Jack Garnham, and Rokker People, led by Jim Marshall.

Rokker Consulting answers Business Design questions with a strong and reliable playbook combined with creative thinking and business analysis which allows complex questions to be broken down into smaller understandable and executable items across a number of teams. Our philosophy is that all Rokker solutions should be quick to implement, easily tagged to a wider objective, agile and scalable.

Rokker Research labs aims to provide a rapid-fire research service offering objective and unbiased insight into a specific market, sector, service or product that empowers clients to make more informed strategic decisions. By amalgamating data and information from multiple trusted sources, we provide informed and unbiased insight, identifying any potential risks and opportunities in the process.

Rokker’s newest division, Rokker People, codifies what ‘great’ People Strategy looks like for our customers. We help leaders and organisations design and construct the operating frameworks for building and managing high performing teams. Rokker People work with organisations to design their future state Talent Operating Models, optimise people strategy through transformation; and realise their Talent Vision.

Rokker is proud to be part of The Rokker Network, an ecosystem of wholly owned, design-led professional service businesses. The Rokker Network is made up of Rokker, a Management Consultancy business, Pretty Technical, iGaming Software, Operations and Consulting specialists, Skull Mountain, experts in Digital Product Design and Management and Random Colour Animal, our creative agency, specialising in brand marketing and communications. The Rokker network holds the collective strategic objective of delivering opportunity, value, and growth to our clients.

The Rokker Network’s chairman, Andy Rogers, comments; “The Rokker Network is thrilled to be a part of Innovation Martlesham and the wider Adastral ecosystem. Having been involved previously (when we were much smaller) we are now much better placed to support IM and leverage its benefits. We are looking forward to re-connecting to the community there and to build on the great work we are doing for BT.”



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