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Published: October 5, 2021 in

** This article has been provided by Rokker

Rokker is excited to announce the addition of Emma Blaylock to their Senior Consulting team. Emma brings a wide array of consulting experience, including practice in Business Change, Corporate Development, M&A, and Innovation to companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to global corporations. This will allow Emma to bring a unique perspective to Rokker’s clients and the wider Rokker Network.

Emma is an experienced Business strategist, having practised formal management consultancy at her time with Deloitte and strategic investments, acquisitions and cross-group business development at Sony’s Corporate Development and M&A group. Following 7 years in Management Consulting and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University in Chicago, Emma joined Amazon’s Kindle group. Whilst there, she delivered strategic initiatives to launch and grow Kindle in the UK and supported subsequent launches in France, Germany, and Spain.

Emma’s experience with strategic investments and scale-ups will also support Rokker’s clients in reaching their financial goals by aiding fundraising, consulting business models, and scaling growth. Emma’s recent 6-year stint as company Director of Technology start-up Optalysys adds the complementary technology background which will prove invaluable to the majority of Rokker’s clients.

Emma has commented; “Rokker has a great team, an entrepreneurial culture, and delivers a truly compelling and differentiated offering to its clients. I’m delighted to be joining Rokker at this stage of its journey and bringing my experience and passion for growing businesses to its clients”.

Rokker CEO, Andy Rogers, adds; “We are delighted to have Emma join us at Rokker. Emma’s experience in operational and growth strategy, M&A and technology is going to be a great asset to our client work, further implementing us as leaders in design-led consultancy and bolstering our position with our tech clients”.

Rokker is all about Business Design, so whether you are seeking validation of a new product or service, launching into a new market or new geography, or looking to optimise an existing operation, then we work with you to develop a robust strategy and the initiatives required in order to maximise the opportunity.

Long-time supporter of Innovation Martlesham and Head of People Consulting at Rokker, Jim Marshall, adds: ‘Emma’s previous Amazon experience is interesting. We try an emulate one of Amazon’s hiring mantras; – “50 percent rule,” which, as they say in their Day One blog, means that they want every new hire to be 50 percent stronger than their would-be-peers in similar roles. We have certainly achieved this, but probably at my expense!”



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