Rokker’s predictions about the future of work!

Published: November 23, 2021 in

Jim Marshall, Head of People Consulting, Rokker, has developed some predictions about the Future of Work!

The Future of Work – My Work Week, 2035

The Future of Work – 5 Trends We Expect To See

The Future of Work – 5 Winners in Work

Jim says “Whilst these are light-hearted opinions, a forward view on the future workforce for our organisation is an important conversation to be having. Workforce planning, if it exists at all, has frequently become a 3 month tactical ‘push-out’ of Business-as-Usual requirements. Attempting a future view helps organisations plan strategically; ideally creating a Talent Operating Model to complement their future Target Operating Model”.

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If you would like to discuss any areas with Jim, he can be contacted on 07484 684683, or comment/suggest any further trends on LinkedIn








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