Subex at Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona 2023

Published: February 1, 2023 in

IM Company Subex, a global leader in digital trust solutions, will showcase its latest features of its award-winning AI platform, HyperSense AI, at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona from 27th Feb to 2nd of March.

HyperSense AI helps companies operationalize AI, allowing them to make faster and better decisions by leveraging AI across their data value chain. The platform also makes data science accessible to all, enabling both trained and non-trained resources to rapidly build accurate and robust models, fostering a decentralized process.

The Subex team will be demonstrating its HyperSense AI-led solutions to drive growth, protect revenues, enhance profitability, optimize Capex and expand digital service offerings. Key talking points in our interactive sessions will cover;

  • How HyperSense AI's Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) capabilities can help reduce the management challenges faced by data scientists and allow them to be more rapidly build ML models with larger scale, productivity, and efficiency, while sustaining the model quality
  • The importance of managing AI risks and building trust in AI systems. Subex will talk about their collaboration with TM Forum Catalyst, which identifies some of the fundamental pillars of AI trust and how they can be measured in real-world use cases. The company will also provide a demo of the "AI Trust Calculator," an auditing tool that measures and quantifies "Trust" on key pillars of the HyperSense framework.
  • Subex will discuss the role of AI and analytics in achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Telcos are responsible for 1.6% of total global CO2 emissions, and most lack standards and policies for tracking the environmental impact of their operations. Subex will explain how AI solutions are being deployed across multi-vendor networks to save energy and minimize carbon emissions.


Subex executive team will be present at our hospitality Suite #5D81 in Hall 5 and we look forward to meeting you at the event. To schedule a meeting please click here or you may reach out to Will Richards (

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